The night was thrown thick over the world.
It muffled the stars, at the hour when
We saw the fox.
Lamplight yellow she was
Curled like a fern, like the spiral of a snail shell, in the grass.

She was there to begin with.

Her brother slipped nose- first out the dark;
If he was called, we never heard it.
Our breath met in a cloud.

They slowed time with their tails
And they drew a fortress around their patch of night.
They had let us in and now they let us out.
When we looked back, they still were keeping vigil for their circle of sky.


heavy water

at night there comes a wave

which i sit under.

more and more now,

the water seeps into my daytime thoughts

the safety of sunlight is not to be trusted.

instead i seek your wings

and i listen for your call

but you, who have comforted me before

seem to be soaring above

whilst i hang in a tarry sea

yet even as i am there, i know that my lungs will not split

for you are in the nighttime and the day

you are in the waves and the clouds and you are

the breath in me


i bought salt

so i would taste of the sea.

every time i lick my lips

i will remember the ripple of your kiss.



in the food i make for you

in the tears i cry for you

from the tumbling sea to my hair

in the kisses i give you.


i bought

honey and salt, to kiss you with.

from the heather and the tide, the moors and the waves

from my lips to yours.