I will seize their little boat,
Plunge with her deep the ocean’s heart,
Hurl the anchor overboard and claim those waters.
I will rake the sandy floors
For shells and coral and pearls
And haul them back to London
As a crown for the King.

I will kill the whale with my little boat
Hunt it through thick seas.
Ram its side with this oar of mine,
Then paint her decks with red.
I will sell the bones to pink-skinned ladies,
Who will wear them about their lungs
To keep their organs tight inside.

I will command my little boat
Far into the heat,
And catch an island, ripe with sun.
These sails will be strung up,
Flags to cow the natives.
I will take their king’s daughter
And make her dance upon the sand.

Then I will burn my little boat
A beacon to this: my enduring spirit,
A pyre for my King and Country.
Yes, I will burn my little boat
So that none may capture her
And rob me of my conquests
Or shake me from this stern.


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